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For Release: August 27, 2004

State Board of Education Public Meeting

Red Arrow Agenda

The State Board of Education will hold its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, September 1, 2004 at the Department of Education, 100 River View Plaza, off Route 29 near Waterfront Park, Trenton.

Please note that the public portion of the meeting is scheduled to begin in the first floor conference room at 10 a.m. A copy of the agenda is attached. Commissioner of Education William L. Librera will be available to answer questions from the news media when the board begins the legal cases portion of the agenda or breaks for lunch, whichever comes first.

Visitors to the meeting may park in unmarked available spaces or in the parking garage located directly across from the Department of Education.

NOTE TO EDITORS AND REPORTERS: If you are planning stories or would like background information on any of the agenda items, please contact the Public Information Office at 609-292-1126. For additional information, visit our Web site at: