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For Release: February 1, 2005

More than 18,000 New Jersey Students
to Participate in Groundhog Job Shadow Day

More than 18,000 New Jersey students will join their counterparts from throughout the nation to participate in Groundhog Job Shadow Day activities beginning Wednesday, February 2, 2005. Now in its seventh year, National Groundhog Job Shadow Day provides opportunities for students to explore different careers firsthand with sponsors from the private and public sectors who agree to be shadowed.

Groundhog Job Shadow Day aims to provide students interested in exploring a particular occupation with the opportunity to spend a day with a professional working in that industry. Scientists, firefighters, graphic designers, mechanics, doctors, architects, teachers, government employees and workers from hundreds of other fields will host students in grades 7 to 11, a prime time in their lives to think about their future careers.

"Students benefit when they get opportunities to see how what they do in the classroom relates to the workplace," said Acting Governor Richard J. Codey. "Events such as Groundhog Job Shadow Day help them make that connection and think about their futures."

Acting Governor Codey has underscored his support by issuing a proclamation to officially declare February 4, 2005 as "Groundhog Job Shadow Day" in New Jersey.

Employees participating in Groundhog Job Shadow Day explain job skills, educational requirements, interviewing processes and other aspects of work to help students make a connection between what they learn in school and their career interests. Since the program’s inception, students have reported that the experience has helped them confirm their career choices, or encouraged them to consider other options.

More than 3,000 New Jersey businesses, government agencies and other organizations are expected to participate. Hosts who have taken an especially active role in this year’s event are: New Jersey Coalition of Automotive Retailers, New Jersey Hotel and Motel Association, New Jersey Restaurant Association, and the New Jersey Association of Orthodontists.

New Jersey’s participation in National Groundhog Job Shadow Day has been praised by the Job Shadow Day Coalition for contributing to its overall goal of providing more than one million job shadowing opportunities throughout the United States. The coalition consists of America’s Promise, the U.S. Department of Education / U.S. Department of Labor, and Junior Achievement.

Although the annual event begins nationally on Wednesday, February 2, Groundhog Job Shadow Day events are recognized all year long. To find out more about Groundhog Job Shadow Day, call Allwyn Baskin at 609-292-6573 or access