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For Release: April 11, 2005

Amistad Exemplary Practices Competition Deadline Nears

The New Jersey Department of Education and the New Jersey Amistad Commission are sponsoring a new competition to recognize up to 10 exemplary practices in the schools that have a systematic approach to including the contributions of African Americans within a school's curriculum.

Exemplary practices identified through the competition will receive a monetary award of $5,000 and the designation as an Amistad Fellow. Guidelines and applications for the Amistad Exemplary Practices competition are available from the department's Web-site at:

All applications must be submitted by April 21, 2005.

"Many public schools throughout New Jersey have implemented first-rate practices that can serve as models for other communities to adopt," said Commissioner of Education William L. Librera. "I encourage educators to submit applications for this program so that all children can benefit from their success."

Practices described in the applications should contain clearly defined objectives related to identified student needs, documented assessment measures for meeting objectives, and the ability to be replicated by other schools. All Exemplary practices strategies must address the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. Commercial programs from vendors are not eligible for consideration.

Applications will be reviewed in May and a recognition ceremony honoring the Amistad Fellow recipients will be held in June.

The competition exemplifies the mission of the New Jersey Amistad Commission to foster an inclusive American history program that recognizes African Americans as an integral part of American history and not just as an adjunct that is recognized for one month each year.