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  LOCATION Region County Content Area/Title
1 Benjamin Banneker Charter Massachusetts   "Meeting a Math Achievement Crisis"
2 Jersey City North Hudson "The Changing Landscape of Leadership: Challenging the Status Quo…"
3 Union City - BOE (Special Ed) North Hudson "Kids on the Cusp" Special Education)
4 Union City - Union Hill (ELL) North Hudson "Kids on the Cusp" (ELL)
5 Union City BOE North Hudon "Ensuring Student Success through Fiscal Congruency"
6 Atlantic City–Chelsea Heights South Atlantic "A school's success on the NJASK 3&4 through Parent Connections"
7 Ewing Twp. - Gilmore Fisher MS Central Mercer "Living in Peace….Learning in Peace" (Safe learning-BP: 2001-2002)
8 Cherry Hill - Joyce Kilmer South Camden "The Role of Teachers and Schools in Closing the Gap"
9 NJDOE - Health and Phys. Ed.     "Making the Connection:Health and Student Achievement"
10 Asbury Park Central Monmouth "Keeping the Promise:Implementing High Quality Preschool Programs"
11 Hillside Twp - Calvin Coolidge Central Union "Excellence Has No Finish Line" (WSR-Math huge incr./LA comp 80%)
12 Dover - North Dover North Morris "Focus on what you CAN do" (Math and LAL)
13 Jersey City #5 North Hudson "Dr. Michael Conti School: A snapshot" (project based lrning-math/LA)
14 Newark - Abington Ave. North Essex "Portrait of Urban Success" - Benchmark (LAL & Math for 4 & 8)
15 Newark - Ann Street North Essex "Proven Best Practices for Closing the Achievement Gap" (Math/LAL)
16 Orange-Oakwd/Central/Heywood North Essex "Inspiration and Method to Elevate and Maintain High Student Achievement" (LA)
17 Paterson-Alexander Hamilton North Passaic "Four Key Strands for School Improvement" (not content driven)
18 Bridgeton South Cumberland "Research-based Strategies Do Raise Student Achivement" (Math)
19 Millville - Rieck Ave. South Cumberland "Language Arts Literacy -Turning Mountains into Molehills"
20 Seaside Heights-Hugh J. Boyd South Ocean "Impact of a School Partnership on Achievement" (LAL! & Math)
21 Trenton - Cadwalader South Mercer "How Cadwalader ES Closed the AG in Literacy"(LAL)
22 Bayonne - Phillip G. Vroom #2 North Hudson "Narrowing the Achievement Gap in a Diverse Student Population"(M&LA)
23 Maplewood North Essex "Success for all throught smaller class sizes" (MATH)
  Newark - Ann Street North Essex "Proven Best Practices for Closing the Achievement Gap" (Math/LAL)
24 Long Branch Central Monmouth "Implementing Whole School Reform"
25 Rahway Central Union "A holistic approach to reducing the AG" (remediation/algebra/AP)
26 North Bergen - Benchmark School North Hudson "Building Proficient Scores Across the Curriculum" (Math & LAL)
27 Union City–Emerson North   "Secondary Challenges"
28 Atlantic City-Viking Academy (alter.) South Atlantic "Practical Strategies for Closing the AG" (Math and LAL)
29 Glassboro South Gloucester "Block Scheduling and Renaissance: Perfect Together" (sml lrn.comm)
30 Richland - St. Augustine Prep South   "World Languages: Reaching the Whole Class" (student motivation/WL)