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For Release: May 23, 2005

DOE Releases Final 2004 AYP Data

The Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) status of 37 schools in New Jersey has changed because of final 2004 No Child Left Behind Act calculations and the resolution of appeals by some schools, Department of Education officials announced today.

Of the 37 schools, 25 came out of so-called "status years." Twenty-one schools moved from year two sanctions to year one and face no penalties as a result, three moved from year three to one or zero, and one school is no longer in operation.

Additionally, three schools now face NCLB sanctions because of the final calculations, and one school moved from year two to three (Please see attached chart).

For 2004, New Jersey has a final total of 498 schools out of 2,398 (20.8 percent) labeled as "in need of improvement" and in various stages of sanctions, as required by NCLB. The final calculations take into account final test scores, special education scores, and appeals.

Under the federal law, schools are labeled as "in need of improvement" when they miss one of more of 40 criteria on standardized tests for more than two years in a row. Preliminary analysis released in September 2004 resulted in 520 schools facing sanctions.

Schools placed in year four status must create a Corrective Action Plan; schools in year three status must offer supplemental services; and schools in year two status are required to offer school choice. Schools that do not make AYP in their first year are deemed as "Early Warning" schools by the DOE but face no sanctions.

The three schools that now face sanctions are: Franklin Middle School in Essex County, Monroe Township High School in Middlesex County, and North Brunswick High School in Middlesex County. All three moved from year one status to year two and are now required to offer school choice under year two sanctions.

A fourth school, North Bergen High School in Hudson County, moved from year two sanctions to year three because of a conversion from IASA (Improving America’s Schools Act) data to NCLB data. IASA is the federal law that preceded NCLB.

For more information about sanction years, please click here:

Final profiles for all districts in the state are found online here:

AYP results are based on year-to-year comparisons of schools’ scores in the HSPA (High School Proficiency Assessment) administered to 11th grade students, GEPA (Grade Eight Proficiency Assessment) and NJASK4 (New Jersey Assessment of Skills and Knowledge), administered to 4th graders. The tests are administered in the spring.

In order to achieve AYP, a school’s students must meet both the proficiency targets and a 95 percent participation rate in math and language arts for each of ten subgroups, which include the total school population, students with disabilities, limited English proficiency (LEP) students, economically disadvantaged students and white, Hispanic, African American, Asian/Pacific Islander and American Indian/Native American students.

If a school does not achieve AYP in the same content area for two consecutive years, it is deemed to be a "School in Need of Improvement." Schools that receive Title I federal funding face sanctions.

A list of the 37 schools and their status changes is attached. For more information, please contact the Department of Education Public Information Office at (609) 292-1126.