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For Release: June 1, 2005

State Board of Education Recognizes Monmouth County Academic, Athletic, and Musical Student Achiever

The State Board of Education honored Stephen Slowinski, a senior at Monmouth Regional High School in Monmouth County, today at its June public meeting. Stephen, a straight A student over the course of his four years in high school with a 5.245 average, is a standout on the athletic field, in music and in his commitments to the community. Stephen is also a courageous cancer survivor.

"I am proud to add my support to the State Board’s recognition of Stephen Slowinski, a true example of student excellence in many diverse areas," said Acting Governor Richard J. Codey. "He sets the bar high for us all, but Stephen also represents what New Jersey public school students should continually strive to achieve."

"It is admirable that Stephen Slowinski not only succeeds at high levels academically, but also routinely assists others within his peer group and in his community," State Board of Education President Arnold G. Hyndman said. "In his helping of others, Steven makes those around him more successful and productive and for that alone he deserves this recognition."

"Certainly, Stephen’s achievements in his school studies are deserving of praise and commendation," said Commissioner of Education William L. Librera. "His academic prowess has not prevented him from being a well rounded and active student in his school’s extra curricular activities and that is an example of the type of citizen/graduate we hope all districts strive to develop."

In addition to maintaining high academic marks, Stephen is a four year varsity letter winner in swimming, a varsity letter winner in soccer, and has played high school baseball.

Stephen also holds the first chair for clarinet in his school’s Concert Band and first chair for the tenor saxophone for his school’s Jazz band. He is also a drum major for the high school marching band and has recruited members for that group.

Outside of school, Stephen Slowinski volunteers at the "Hole In the Wall Gang Camp," a camp for seriously ill youngsters. Stephen is also an Eagle Scout and is the co-editor in chief of a self-published baseball magazine.

Each month, the State Board of Education honors a student or group of students from a county in New Jersey to recognize academic excellence. In May, the State Board of Education recognized Amanda Tsukamoto, an 11th grade student at Madison High School in Morris County.

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