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For Release: June 9, 2005

DOE’s Online Application System for Teacher Certification Launched

A new teacher licensing application system that allows people to apply for certification online and pay online by credit card is now operational, Commissioner of Education William L. Librera announced today.

The system, TCIS (Teacher Credential Information System), and its user manual can be accessed via the department’s licensing web page at .

All PreK-12 education professionals -- including teachers, administrators, superintendents, business administrators, school nurses and guidance counselors – must be licensed by DOE. Middle school and high school teachers must obtain additional certifications in the subjects they teach, and many education professionals hold multiple licenses.

In all, the department receives about 45,000 certification applications every year.

Commissioner Librera urged applicants to use the online system.

"It increases the accuracy of the information input, reduces processing time and reduces paperwork for everyone," he said. "The feedback we’ve received from initial users has been very positive, and while paper applications will still be available, we expect that soon about 75 percent of the New Jersey certification applications will be submitted online."

TCIS also allows applicants to:

  • Check the status of their applications
  • View current and past credentials
  • Check for test scores, such as the Praxis.
  • Input work experience and education history

Commissioner Librera said the launch of TCIS, which includes a mirror program used by department staff to review applications, puts New Jersey in the forefront of states nationally in the effort to computerize teacher certification processes.