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For Release: June 24, 2005

New Summer Conference Combines Themes of Literacy, Generation Next and Core Curriculum Content Standards

The New Jersey Department of Education has combined two of its annual professional development conferences this year in a summer institute designed for teachers, supervisors and administrators. The new conference will consist of two segments: Generation Next: Showcasing Best Practices and Innovation in Career-Technical Education, and Keeping the Promise: Maximizing Achievement Across the Curriculum.

In addition to combining the two formerly separate events, the new conference adds a third dimension: institutes for educators on the Core Curriculum Content Standards. Scheduled to be held from August 7-11, the summer conference will be held in the Atlantic City Convention Center.

"The Department of Education has created a new summer learning opportunity for local teachers and school leaders," said Acting Governor Richard J. Codey. "All participants will be able to return to their districts with increased knowledge and skills to prepare their students for the workforce and to more effectively teach them the subjects required for success."

"This conference contains elements that complement each other in a logical and natural way," said Commissioner of Education William. L. Librera. "All of the themes to be covered support our Core Curriculum Content Standards."

Commissioner Librera reminded educators who have had an interest or have participated in Reading First/Literacy and Generation Next conferences in past years to take note that the new conference will cover the content formerly covered in two separate events.

"Merging these topics and holding the conference in the summer provides educators with opportunities to concentrate on aspects of our academic standards by hearing from national experts in their field and learning about cutting-edge practices and techniques that they can apply in their classrooms," Dr. Librera said.

The conference begins on August 7, with the Generation Next component of the conference. The keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Willard R. Daggett, president of the International Center for Leadership in Education, on the theme, Successful Schools - From Research to Action Plans. Generation Next has become the premier event for showcasing many of the best practices and innovations for preparing students and adult learners for academic and career success in New Jersey and elsewhere. Generation Next sessions focus on topics related to what schools can do to support the development of a well-educated and skilled workforce.

On Tuesday, August 9, Ioannis Miaoulis, president and director of the Boston Museum of Science, will serve as luncheon speaker. Dr. Miaoulis is well-known for his dream to make everyone scientifically and technologically literate.

The Third Annual Literacy Conference will run from August 9-11 and feature several nationally known keynote speakers, including Kathy Ganske, associate professor in the Department of Reading at Rowan University; Joseph Torgesen, distinguished research professor of psychology and education at Florida State University and director of the Florida Center for Reading Research; and Michael Smith, professor in the College of Education, Temple University.

Sessions are scheduled for comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, phonics, interactive writing, bilingual/ESL learners, special education, children's literature, and early childhood. The workshops offered during this segment will increase the potential of participants to provide cutting edge instruction that supports literacy as well as achievement in all nine core curriculum content areas.

In conjunction with the Literacy Conference, the Office of Academic and Professional Standards will hold content institutes, one- and two-day sessions focusing on instruction and assessment. Additional sessions will focus on high quality professional development, highly qualified teachers, and using data to inform instruction.

Interested educators can participate in one or both of the conference segments. For more information, visit the conference Web-site at:

or call the Office of Vocational-Technical, Career and Innovative Programs, at 609-292-7336; the Office of Academic and Professional Standards at 609-984-7454; or the Office of Reading First, 609-633-6355.