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Adelaide L. Sanford Charter School: The school’s development is predicated upon the assumption that high student achievement is the best contribution a school can make to the city to both expand Newark’s middle class and secure its future with a cadre of competent, caring leaders and professionals.  The school’s mission is to ensure that the young people in Newark reach their highest educational efficiency through a standards-based curriculum, a school culture of achievement and continuous improvement, and a nurturing environment-all of which will enable them to become Newark’s future leaders and core professionals.

Benchmark Academy Charter High School: A rigorous, integrated, inclusive standards-based curriculum will be supported by a strong partnership between school, home and community.  A challenging and supportive learning community combined with expectations for high achievement will equip all students with the knowledge, critical thinking, and problem solving skills needed to excel in their pursuit of higher education and careers that will produce responsible, contributing members of society.

The Bergen Arts and Science Charter School: The Bergen Arts and Sciences Charter School believes an effective and adequate education necessary for the citizens of the future relies heavily on a multidimensional academic curriculum in which all core subjects will be blended together through various teaching methods while promoting the development of a strong character that supports and respects society.  The founders believe that focusing on an overall high academic achievement will include providing opportunities for individual skills and talents to develop to higher levels.  This will inspire in students a lifelong love of learning and desire for self-improvement and creativity.

Central Jersey College Prep Charter School:  The charter school aims to forge a powerful partnership out of the student-teacher-parent triad.  This partnership will provide and empower our youth with the support necessary to reach their highest potential- intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically- building on their inherent promise to aid in their preparation for college and career.  The purpose of the Central Jersey College Prep Charter School is to fully prepare students to carry the torch of knowledge, freedom, and prosperity that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Foundation Academy Charter School:  Foundation Academy’s program has several key elements which include:  a focus on urban adolescents, high and clearly articulated expectations, rewards and expectations, rewards and consequences, more time on task, building community, results and values focus. 

TLC Charter School (T.E.A.M. Literacy, Community Charter School): Since parent partnerships and intensive literacy instruction have demonstrated positive effects on student success these programs will form the core of the TLC Charter School.  The cornerstones of the charter school are:  a  research-based program with literature as the springboard  for all learning; an engaging T.E.A.M. approach to instruction that links literature to Theater, Exercise, Art, and Music; draws children into literacy; and develops effective habits of mind; high expectations that are clearly stated, monitored, assessed, and celebrated;  and strong, supportive parent partnerships.