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For Release: January 31, 2006

Recruiters Plan Active Spring Schedule to Promote Teaching Careers in New Jersey

Recruiters from the New Jersey Department of Education have put together an active spring season on the road to promote teaching in the Garden State.  Staff from the department’s Recruitment Initiative are planning to attend at least 19 events in New Jersey and in other states from February through April, more than in any other season since the initiative was established in 2000.

Schools throughout New Jersey have reported having difficulty filling teaching vacancies in the following areas:  special education, bilingual education, world languages, mathematics and science. 

“New Jersey offers a rich variety of challenges to educators,” said Acting Commissioner of Education Lucille E. Davy.  “Our schools are diverse in every sense of the word, and the public demand for quality standards and high levels of student achievement make New Jersey  attractive to teachers of all grade levels and disciplines.”

Davy also noted that New Jersey is located in the Northeast corridor and that teacher salaries in the state are highly competitive when compared with other states.  New Jersey’s public schools enroll more than 1.4 million students, and enrollment has increased gradually each year since 1990.

The current tour of events is scheduled to begin on February 1 at a job fair in Newark, and is scheduled to end on April 20 with a job fair for the Troops to Teachers program at the Hunterdon County Municipal Complex.  Recruiters are continually seeking and considering different opportunities, and adjustments may be made to the schedule (see attached list of events).

DOE representatives attend job fairs and visit college campuses along the East Coast, talking about the excellence of New Jersey’s school system.  The initiative also maintains NJHire, a free, internet-based service that allows for school boards and prospective teacher candidates to list their needs electronically.

Another way the Department of Education works to assist local schools in filling vacancies is through the Troops to Teachers Program.  This program seeks teacher candidates from retired members of the military.

For more information about New Jersey’s efforts to recruit teachers, visit the following link from the Department of Education’s Web-site: