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For Release: July 25, 2006

DOE Receives 30 CharterSchool Applications

The state Department of Education has received 30 applications for new Charter Schools that could open in either the fall of 2007 or 2008, officials announced today.

“Charter schools give students an excellent opportunity to find success,” acting Commissioner Lucille E. Davy.  “We will now begin our thorough review of all applications to make sure these schools meet our charter school standards and are prepared to give students the necessary tools they must have in order to compete in a 21st century workforce.”

A list of applicants and their summaries is found here.

Since New Jersey charter school law took effect in 1996, the Department of Education has received more than 250 applications for schools. 

Applications are filed each summer by potential program founders.  The DOE’s program staff then evaluate the applications before announcing what new schools are approved in January of the following year.

New Jersey’s Fiscal Year 2007 budget appropriated $25.5 million for charter school education. In September, there will be 50 operating charter schools serving approximately 15,000 students in the state.

A charter school is a public school open to all students and funded by taxpayers.  It operates independently of the district board of education under a charter granted by the Commissioner of Education. 

Charter schools are granted a four-year approval to operate.  A charter school submits a renewal application to the Commissioner during its fourth year of operation for an additional five-year period.

The renewal process includes:  a renewal application; on-site visit; annual reports; a review of student performance on statewide assessments and other tests; monitoring by the county superintendent and the Commissioner’s designees; and comments from the district of residence or districts in the region of residence.

For more information, please contact the New Jersey Department of Education, Public Information Office at (609) 292-1126.