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For Release: September 21, 2006

New Jersey Celebrates Culmination of Projects to Enhance Teacher Quality

Acting Commissioner of Education Lucille E. Davy joined a state-level contingent of educators today in announcing the culmination of New Jersey’s $7.9 million federal Teacher Quality Enhancement Grant.  Today’s announcement was highlighted by a ceremony to recognize successful accomplishments under the grant.

“New Jersey has taken great strides in the last several years to improve teacher quality,” Davy said.  “Today, we underscore the outstanding work done in our colleges, in school districts and at the Department of Education to make sure that all teachers in New Jersey are properly trained, certified, and mentored.”

Linda Morse, acting director of the Department of Education’s Office of Academic and Professional Standards, noted that the grant activities were in three basic areas:  teacher preparation; the alternate route to teaching; and teacher mentor training and support.

“This grant has provided the department with much information that will enable educators at all levels to have a clear and consistent view of college teacher preparation courses, the alternate route to certification, and the important role of teacher mentors.”

Morse said today’s ceremony was a way to celebrate the accomplishments of participants in projects designed to meet the goals of the grant, including:

  • A project to link the standards in New Jersey higher education programs to prepare teachers for certification with the state’s Core Curriculum Content Standards and the definition of a Highly Qualified Teacher under the No Child Left Behind Act.
  • A project, headed by The College of New Jersey, to evaluate the effectiveness of New Jersey’s alternate route to certification, whereby a teacher who did not major in education can become certified to teach; and
  • A project that will provide school districts with suggestions on how they can strengthen their mentoring programs for novice teachers.

“All of these projects uphold the concept that teacher quality is the most important factor in increasing student achievement,” said Davy.  “I appreciate the contributions from our partners in higher education and in the field for their efforts to keep New Jersey in the forefront of teacher quality reforms.”

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