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For Release: October 10, 2006

DOE Posts Superintendent Salary Information

As part of the effort to increase public access to information about school administrators’ compensation packages, the Department of Education has posted a list of the salaries of all district superintendents and key administrators on the DOE web site, acting Commissioner of Education Lucille E. Davy announced today.

“We must recognize the valuable role superintendents play as the district's educational leaders,” said acting Commissioner Davy, “and their salaries should be reflective of that role.  But the public should still have ready-access to that information. This new posting is the first step in an effort to increase the transparency of compensation packages.”

The superintendents’ and other key administrators’ salaries have been reported on the department web site for several years, but as part of the department’s annual certificated staff report, which contains the salaries of all district staff.

The information currently on the web represents the base salaries of the superintendents as of Oct. 15, 2005, which is the last time data was collected.  It does not include information on fringe benefits or other contract benefits.  But it does give the public an annual comparative snapshot of the administrative salaries budgeted by school districts.

The acting commissioner noted that in this year’s data collection, the department will be asking districts to report the lump sum of the superintendents’ fringe benefits and the value of other contract enhancements, such as cars, in addition to their base salaries.

“We think this will provide a more accurate reflection of the value of comparative value the superintendents’ contracts,” she said, noting that bills currently under consideration by the Legislature would require superintendents’ contracts to be posted in their entirety on local school districts’ web site.

The list and information about job titles are available online here:

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