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For Release: November 6, 2006

Department of Education Receives Best Document Award

Department of Education officials were recently honored with the State Document of the Year Award by the Documents Association of New Jersey (DANJ).

The group selected the DOE’s annual Comparative Spending Guide as the best state-issued document for 2006.  The award recognizes the department or agency publication that librarians feel is especially useful or informative.

The Comparative Spending Guide was released in March of this year.  It allows the public to compare per-pupil costs in school districts across the state.  It can be found online here:

“We’re very proud to receive this award,” said Commissioner of Education Lucille E. Davy.  “We’re happy that people find our Comparative Spending Guide to be helpful and user-friendly.”

The Comparative Spending Guide was first issued in 1996. Commissioner Davy thanked the people who worked on the 2006 document (Toni Lynn Rainier, Heather Leary, Frank Lavdas, Allen Dupree, Jack Moticha and Yut’se Thomas, special assistant to the commissioner for finance), and asked everyone to remember and recognize the efforts of former department staffers who developed the original publication.

The Document of the Year Award is an annual award that was first issued in 1992.  Award winners are judged on nine different criteria, including:

  • the document contributes to the expansion of knowledge, gives evidence of innovation in presentation, or demonstrates a creative approach in its treatment;
  • the document is written in a lucid style comprehensible to non-specialists; and
  • the document is generally pleasant to browse through, because of physical appearance, printing, binding, use of color, or ease of use.

Thomas, was joined today by Rainier and Lavdas in receiving the award at the DANJ banquet at the Friend Center in Princeton on Friday, Nov. 3.  For information about the DANJ, please click here:

For more information about the Comparative Spending Guide or other department initiatives, please contact the Department of Education Public Information Office at (609) 292-1126.