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For Release: November 15, 2006

DOE to Host Upcoming Classroom Support Workshop

The Department of Education is sponsoring several new workshops for educators this month, including a three-part series on exemplary classroom practices that begins Wednesday, Nov. 29.

Grant Wiggins, author of “Understanding by Design,” and Nancy Sulla, president of Innovative Designs for Education (IDE), are the keynote speakers for “One Brick at a Time: Building and Supporting Exemplary Classroom Practices,” which will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Passaic Public Safety Academy, 300 Oldham Road in Wayne.

The next two meetings will take place on Tuesday, Dec. 5 and Thursday, Jan. 18, 2007.  The fee for the series is $225 for administrators (covers three sessions) and $150 for teachers (for two sessions).  To register, please go to:  

Other upcoming workshops include:

Culturally Responsive Classrooms
This session will explore what it means to be a culturally and linguistically responsive teacher.  Participants will be involved in a set of activities designed to help them develop strategies to actively engage students from diverse backgrounds in learning, as well as the dispositions needed to establish trusting relationships with those students.

Date: 12/12/06
Location: Passaic Public Safety Academy, Wayne, NJ
Registration Fee: $50

Creating a Student Centered School Schedule
Renowned school scheduling expert, Dr. Robert Lynn Canady will challenge participants to think of a school schedule as a resource.  Sharing many models and methods, Canady will demonstrate how to develop and customize a school schedule to build in supports such as tutorials and extended class time.  This event is designed for school and central office administrators.

Date: 1/24/07
Location: Passaic Public Safety Academy, Wayne, NJ
Registration Fee: $95

To the Moon: Launching Academic Expectations
National achievement gap expert, Belinda Williams will present a full day workshop focusing on boosting academic expectations for all students.  Participants will learn about current achievement gap advances and will participate in many hands-on activities designed to reveal the conscious and unconscious ways we broadcast expectations to students.

Date: 2/13/07
Location:  Passaic Public Safety Academy, Wayne, NJ
Registration Fee:  $99

In the Crosshairs: Collecting, Analyzing and Using Data to Target Instruction
In this highly interactive 3-day workshop, participants will learn what data to collect, what data resources are available, how to assess year to year growth on standardized tests, how to objectively analyze student work, and ultimately, how to use data to improve and customize instruction to meet the identified needs of students.

Dates & Time: 5/2/07, 5/16/07, 5/30/07
Location: Passaic Public Safety Academy, Wayne, NJ
Registration Fee: $145

For more information about the workshop series, please contact Meredith Coticchio at