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For Release: December 11, 2006

New Jersey School for the Deaf Installs New Kitchen

The Katzenbach campus of the New Jersey School for the Deaf recently installed a new, state-of-the-art kitchen as part of its high school program. 

What makes this kitchen unique is that it was developed for students with multiple disabilities to teach them basic cooking and life skills in preparation for transition from school to independent living. 

“The planning for the ADA accessible kitchen included meeting the specific
needs for students in our multi-disabled educational program,” said Dennis P. Russell, Superintendent of the New Jersey School for the Deaf.  “It will serve not only as a training facility for these students to teach them valuable work and life skills, but it will also showcase the kinds of technology and accommodations that maximize these students’ ability to succeed.”

The kitchen is fully compliant under the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and is accessible for a person in a wheelchair.  It features a kitchen counter with heights and working surfaces that are appropriate for different tasks; appliances including a dishwasher, a convectional oven, a sink, and washer and dryer that can easily be operated by a person in a wheelchair; entry doors with wider thresholds; and modified door handles, all of which meet ADA guidelines. 

Funding for the facility, estimated at approximately $50,000, was awarded by the New Jersey Department of Education under the federal Carl D. Perkins Vocational-Technical Education Act of 1998.

The new kitchen is located in Room 220 of the vocational wing of the high school.  The school has planned a grand opening on Tuesday, December 12th at 2 p.m. to mark the occasion.  Persons interested in receiving a tour of the facility during the school year can contact the school for an appointment.

The NJ School for the Deaf, an affiliate of the N.J. Department of Education, is a learning community committed to ensuring the lifelong success of people who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing.  Working together and with families, school districts, the Deaf community, and its other partners, the Katzenbach School creates conditions which optimize learning for students statewide, from birth to high school graduation.

For more information on the New Jersey School for the Deaf, contact Allwyn Baskin at (609) 530-3104 or visit