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For Release: February 5, 2007

DOE Releases Review of Report on the Cost of Education

The report of the three experts retained to review DOE’s Report on the Cost of Education, released in December, is now available on the department’s web site, Education Commissioner Lucille E. Davy announced today.

The review was conducted by Dr. Allan R. Odden of the University of Wisconsin, Jospeh Olchefske of the American Institutes of Research and Dr. Lawrence O. Picus of the University of Southern California.

“The final report and the appendix generally indicate that DOE’s effort was on target in most areas,” Commissioner Davy said.  “Nevertheless, it was very informative for us to have the benefit of this input and these comments from experts of this caliber.  They made several recommendations that the department will take into consideration as we move forward with the process of developing a funding formula that is fair and equitable and will pass constitutional muster.” 

The summary report is available here:  The individual reports of the three experts are included in an appendix to the summary report.