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For Release: March 7, 2007

State Board of Education Recognizes March Student of the Month

Gina Jeon, a senior at Ridgefield Memorial High School in Bergen County, was honored today by the State Board of Education as the March Student of the Month.

Gina is a member of both the National Honor Society and Italian Honor Society and ranks 16th in her class of 124 students.  She is also a member of the school’s chorus and Bergen County Choir, the Interact Club, the Intergenerational Club and Serendipity, the school’s literary magazine.

“You will find Gina to be a determined, trustworthy and forthright young woman who is gifted with an exceptional amount of business savvy,” said her guidance counselor, Enrico D. Ciamillo Jr.  “She is a natural born leader who believes strongly in honor, integrity and loyalty.”

Gina has a black belt in Tae Kwan Do and has taught Sunday school for the last two years.  She also works for HanilWorld USA.  According to her guidance counselor, Gina hopes to pursue a career in international business.

“The students we honor each month are extraordinary,” said Dr. Arnold G. Hyndman, president of the State Board of Education.  “Gina has diverse interests, is a leader in her school and involved in multiple community projects. We hope all students in the state will emulate her dedication and commitment to excellence.”

“I am thrilled to honor Gina and her accomplishments,” said Commissioner of Education Lucille E. Davy.  “Of her many talents and activities, her work in international business stands out.  We want all students prepared for a global economy, and Gina’s success should be shared.”

As part of her work as a member of her school’s Peer and Leadership Support (PALS) group, Gina has also participated in several different fundraisers, including: Trick or Treat for UNICEF, Bear Hugs for the Holidays, and the Cure Breast Cancer Walk.

Each month, the State Board of Education recognizes an outstanding student, or group of students, from one of the 21 counties in the state.  Last month, the board recognized Esther Tetruashvily, a senior at Cherokee High School in Burlington County.