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For Release: April 4, 2007

Hudson County Star Athlete Recognized as April Student of the Month

Manny Abreu, a standout student-athlete and senior at Union Hill High School in Hudson County, was honored today by the State Board of Education as the April Student of the Month.

Perhaps best known in New Jersey as the No. 2 high school linebacker in the country and on his way to Rutgers University on a four-year football scholarship, Abreu is also a well-rounded and successful student.

He is an active member of Union Hill’s “Character Counts” and Peer Leadership programs, a writer for the school’s newspaper, the “Hiller Times”, and wants to be the first in his family to go to and graduate from college. 

Manny wants to major in education and hopes to one day become a teacher and coach – and a role model for Latino students.

“We are proud to honor this fine young man,” said Arnold G. Hyndman, the State Board of Education President. “Manny says he wants to be a role model when he grows up, but we think he already is.  He is a perfect example of the success New Jersey schools breed.”

“What stands out about Manny Abreu is that he said he wants to make his family proud and succeed in college,” said Commissioner of Education Lucille E. Davy.  “We are always looking for students who want to take their game, literally, in this case, to the next level.  We know that Manny will be as successful in college as he was in high school.”

Manny was born in the Dominican Republic in 1988 and immigrated to the United States in 1995 to live with his mother, Maria, and his two older brothers and two older sisters.  In the fall, he received more than 30 scholarship offers from major universities like the University of Florida, the University of Michigan and Florida State University, as well as Rutgers.

He announced his decision to stay in New Jersey and join the up-and-coming Rutgers squad, which quickly captured the attention of college football last season.  He announced his intention during an ESPN-televised national game of the week.

Each month, the State Board of Education recognizes a student or group of students from one of the 21 counties in the state.  Last month, the Board honored Gina Jeon, a senior at Ridgefield Memorial High School in Bergen County.

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