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For Release: August 9, 2007

Twenty-Two Prospective Charter Schools Submit Applications

The New Jersey Department of Education today announced that it has received 22 applications for prospective charter schools. Applications received by the deadline in the latest round of the charter school selection process are for schools that would open their doors in September 2008 or September 2009. The Department of Education has received 298 applications since 1996, when the first charter school applications were received.

"We thank this year’s applicants for stepping forward to offer students and their families a choice in their public school experience," said Commissioner of Education Lucille E. Davy. "Now begins a rigorous review process through which we will determine whether the applicants can proceed with start-up activities for their schools."

Commissioner Davy noted that this year’s prospective charter schools would be located in eight different counties, with concentrations of applications describing schools to be based in Newark (eight), Camden (four) and Trenton (also four). One application is for a prospective charter school in the Cumberland County community of Vineland. No charter schools currently operate in Cumberland County.

See the attached list for more details about the newest applications.

Many of New Jersey’s charter schools serve students who live in economically and academically disadvantaged communities, and some of them are located in affluent, suburban communities.

A charter school is a public school open to all students on a space-available basis that is funded by taxpayers but operates independently of the district board of education under a charter granted by the Commissioner. Once the charter is approved by the Commissioner for an initial four-year period, the school is managed by a board of trustees deemed to be public agents authorized by the State Board of Education to supervise and control the school.

The Commissioner of Education has the authority to grant a charter for a four-year period and to renew initial charters for a five-year-period.

For more information about charter schools in New Jersey, visit the Department of Education’s Web site at: