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For Release: October 22, 2007

New Jersey School for the Deaf to Host Workshops on Holocaust

Members of the deaf community will have a unique opportunity tomorrow to learn how deaf people were treated during the Holocaust. 

Dr. Simon Carmel is a deaf historian and principal gatherer of Deaf Holocaust survivors’ stories throughout the world.  He will share this little known chapter with the New Jersey School for the Deaf (NJSD) with a powerful multi-media presentation about Nazi persecution of deaf people: who was executed, who was spared and why.

Dr. Carmel will present to NJSD middle and high school students during the school day. There will be an additional presentation for NJSD staff, other school teachers, community members, and other interested individuals from 4 to 5:30 p.m. in the NJSD middle school auditorium. The afternoon event is open to the public and voice interpreters and CART services will be offered.  Seating is limited. 

Dr. Carmel holds both his master’s and doctorate degrees in cultural anthropology from American University in Washington, D.C.  He first established the field of Deaf Folklore in 1977, collecting stories and jokes from the Deaf community for research and preservation.  Dr. Carmel then began taking testimonies of Deaf Holocaust Survivors in 1980.  

Deaf himself, Dr. Carmel is considered the world’s leading researcher of deaf survivors of the Holocaust.  His research is presented through lectures and workshops held around the world.

This event is made possible by funding from the Katzenbach Parent and Staff Education Foundation, Inc. and endorsed by the New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education. Voice Interpreter and CART services provided by the New Jersey Division of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

For more information on the New Jersey School for the Deaf, contact Allwyn Baskin at (609) 530-3104 or visit