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For Release: November 7, 2007

State Board of Education Honors November Student of the Month

The State Board of Education today honored Judy Savitsky, a senior at Bergen County Academies (BCA) in Hackensack, as the November Student of the Month.

Described by her principal as “the kind of person who will succeed at anything she sets out to do,” Savitsky is presently working on a senior year project on RNA molecular biological research.

“This project is ongoing, but (Judy) has demonstrated a level of interest and commitment that is very refreshing,” said school principal Daniel Jaye.  “She has approached the project with zeal, intellectual sophistication and maturity above and beyond the expected level of performance.”

In addition to her senior year project, Savitsky is a well-rounded student who is involved in the following activities: AIDS awareness, student council, lacrosse, piano and tutoring. 

“Judy has an impressive and diverse high school resume,” said President Dr. Ronald Butcher.  “She will certainly take her accomplishments with her to college, where she will be a wonderful and productive leader and representative of all New Jersey students.”

“A pianist myself, I am particularly impressed by Judy’s dedication to her craft – while at the same time juggling so many other worthy activities,” said Education Commissioner Lucille E. Davy.  “Her work as an English and Biology tutor, as well as her work on her senior year project, is nothing short of incredible.”

Each month during the school year, the State Board of Education honors an outstanding student or group of students for outstanding work, commitment to academics or athletics, or for being a leader in the school community.