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For Release: December 19, 2007

DOE Releases Local District Special Education Data Profiles

The Department of Education has developed a special education data profile for each local district and charter school as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 (IDEA 2004).  These profiles detail individual school district performance in meeting targets established in New Jersey’s State Performance Plan.

Federal regulations require each state to develop a State Performance Plan (SPP) and Annual Performance Report (APR) consisting of 20 indicators that focus on areas and requirements intended to improve educational results and outcomes for children with disabilities.  

“IDEA 2004 has introduced a new era of accountability for states and local districts regarding positive outcomes for students with disabilities,” said Education Commissioner Lucille E. Davy.   “The information we released today serves as the blueprint for the department’s special education general supervisory, monitoring, professional development and technical assistance initiatives.” 

The SPP includes state targets for each indicator as well as activities designed to facilitate achievement of the targets.  The state targets were established with input from stakeholders, including professional organizations and parent advocacy groups. 

The profiles are online here:

States are currently required to report to the public on the following SPP indicators:

  • Graduation Rates of Students with Disabilities (Indicator 1);
  • Drop-out Rates of Students with Disabilities (Indicator 2);
  • Participation and Performance of Students with Disabilities on Statewide Assessments (Indicator 3);
  • Suspension and Expulsion of Students with Disabilities (Indicator 4);
  • Placement of Students with Disabilities in the Least Restrictive Environment – Ages 6 to 21 (Indicator 5);
  • Placement of Students with Disabilities in the Least Restrictive Environment – Ages 3 to 5 (Indicator 6); and
  • Child Find -  the percent of students evaluated within state required timelines (Indicator 12).

The State Performance Plan addresses how the department reviews each indicator reported.  For example, districts that have a significant discrepancy for indicator 4 were identified for a targeted review of special education discipline requirements.

The plan is online here:

The department provides periodic updates on the implementation of the SPP/APR on the NJDOE Web site at:

Further information about the State Performance Plan can be found online here:

For more information, please contact the Department of Education Public Information Office at (609) 292-1126.