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Statements on the passing of Ilan Plawker, Vice President of the State Board of Education

For Immediate Release Contact: Justin Barra
Date: July 15, 2013 609-292-1126

Commissioner Chris Cerf: "When you talk about people in New Jersey who are wholly committed to making sure that every child receives a high-quality education, Ilan Plawker would surely be at the top of that list. I have had the great privilege to work closely with Ilan on several important issues over the past two and a half years, and to know him as both a colleague and a friend. Ilan took great pride in his position as board member. But he loved even more spending time in schools and visiting our children and teachers. He joined me for several school visits, and his joy and pride in our educators was palpable as he spent time in classrooms. He spoke passionately about closing the achievement gap to make sure that all of our children have a bright future. But, more importantly, he dedicated the later part of his life to doing something about it. I am grateful for the energy and passion Ilan brought to education in New Jersey. He will be deeply missed."

State Board President Arcelio Aponte: “Ilan Plawker was much more than the Vice President of the State Board of Education. He was a remarkable man who devoted his life to his family and who brought an unmatched level of commitment and optimism to every undertaking. Although improving our education system was his focus in recent years, Ilan's life was full of remarkable service and accomplishments. Not only has the State Board lost a passionate Vice President and friend, but the State of New Jersey has lost a dedicated public servant.”