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Nonpublic School Services

For Nonpublic Schools and Districts

Registering a Nonpublic School

In order to operate a nonpublic school in New Jersey, the school must be a registered business and follow all state and local guidelines for operating a business, regardless of registration status.

Nonpublic schools that register with the New Jersey Department of Education are eligible to receive services for their students through several state programs that are administered through the public school district in which the nonpublic school is located. To be eligible for these state-funded services, a nonpublic school must be registered with the NJDOE and must complete the Nonpublic Enrollment Report annually. In addition, registered nonpublic schools may be eligible to participate in Federal programs.

To register a nonpublic school, complete the "New School Registration Form." Once a nonpublic school is registered, a school code will be assigned to the nonpublic school.

Nonpublic schools must complete the Nonpublic Enrollment Report located in the NJDOE Homeroom under NonPublic Enrollment on an annual basisto remain on the list of registered schools. The Nonpublic Enrollment Report opens in mid-November and closes in mid-January of each year and can only be accessed during this enrollment period.

For information on each nonpublic state-funded program, visit State Programs and Services. For information on nonpublic federal programs, visit Federal Programs & Services.

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