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May 16, 2006

TO: Chief School Administrators/ Charter School Lead Persons
Principals, Public and Non-Public Schools
FROM: Lucille E. Davy
Acting Commissioner
SUBJECT: Support of NJ FamilyCare: Uninsured Children Still Need Your Help

As we face the upcoming school year, there are still many students who must go about their everyday activities without the benefit of health insurance and the well-being that medical care provides. Such coverage can be provided either free or for a low cost to eligible uninsured children up to age eighteen through NJ FamilyCare.

Statistics have shown that having health insurance keeps children well and results in improved attendance. Children who are insured are less likely to come to school sick and unable to concentrate. This is a benefit to teachers and the school as a whole, as well as to the individual child.

The Department of Education continues to work with the Department of Human Services by lending its full support to providing school districts with information to share with parents regarding the NJ FamilyCare program. As such, the Department has attached a fact sheet in both English and Spanish which can be duplicated and sent home to parents along with the other pertinent information in their back-to-school packets for the upcoming school year.

Let's all cooperate in whatever way we can to achieve our common goal; a healthy student body, willing, able and ready to learn!



Isaac Bryant
Penelope Lattimer
Senior Staff
LEE Group
Garden State Coalition of Schools
Susan Martz
Lovell Pugh-Bassett
County Superintendents