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Starting a Mentoring Program

Mentoring Supports

R = research, N = news, I = information, W = white or policy papers
Getting started
I Coach2Coach: Mentoring Training Modules from North Carolina. Mentoring modules by content area, and by INTASC Standard. [For more on the standards, see the CCSSO INTASC web site.]
I, R   Creating a Teacher Mentoring Program NEA News Publication guide from the NEA Foundation for the Improvement of Education; with research references.
I Mentoring, from ASCD. A short tutorial packed with research, text and video clips.
I What is a mentor? from Minnesota State University What mentors are, and goals.
I Reflections: What Constitutes a Good Mentoring Relationship?  from the George Lucas Educational Foundation (1999). This is part of a larger Mentoring site, with research links, strategies and resources, a library with videoclips (the videoclip examples require Quicktime 5 or above). See also: The Good Mentor and The Meaning of Mentoring.
I Santa Cruz New Teacher Project (SCNTP). A full menu of training and training packets, publications (articles and PowerPoint presentations) and videos.
I Some Tentative Mentoring Program Standards (1996) from the The Mentor Network (supported by funding from ASCD).

Suggests: a) Mentoring Incentives, b) Mentor Training (a day-by-day schedule), c) Mentor Selection and Matching, and d) Standards and Benchmarks.

I  A New Teacher Mentoring Knowledge Base of Best Practices from a consultant. A Summary of Lessons Learned From Practitioners
I, R  Supporting Beginning Teachers: How Administrators, Teachers and Policymakers Can Help New Teachers Succeed (2001), from Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory (NWREL). A multipart extensive web site which can be downloaded as a pdf document. Sections include Benefits of Providing Quality Support for New Teachers, Implementing a Formal Program for Beginning Teachers, Considerations for Policymakers, Northwest Sampler (states and districts in the northwest), State Organized Programs, and much more.
Mentoring Supports/Mentoring in Action
I Teacher to Teacher Discussion board of mentoring and experiences with mentoring.
I Teachers Helping Teachers from (SEDL), 2000. A program for mentoring of technology literacy, by the University of Texas at El Paso. 
I Urban Superintendents Mentor New Colleagues An intensive program at Harvard University immerses students in the challenges of the urban superintendency. 
I  Mighty Mentor from An online mentor support. Mentors and mentees to search for each other based on grade(s) taught, subject(s) taught, and location.
Chatboard from Check out the chat in Beginning, Substitute and Student teachers; and add a message, too.

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