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Professional Development in New Jersey
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Mentoring for Quality Induction Toolkit

Folder Five, Components of Novice Teacher Training, provides information about the responsibilities and expectations of novice teachers to assist the LPDC, training providers, staff developers, school leaders, and mentors in designing training for novice teachers. Numerous resources are provided in this folder for teacher development, professional learning activities, and ongoing support for novice teachers.
Guiding Questions
bullet What are the roles and responsibilities of a novice teacher?
bullet What are the requirements of the Provisional Teacher Program?
bullet What are generally accepted stages of teacher development?
bullet What procedures support reflective practice between mentors and novice teachers in order to improve teaching?
bullet What are suggested training components for novice teachers? 
Key Glossary Terms
* Certificate of Eligibility (CE)
*   Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS)
*   Core Curriculum Content Standards (CCCS)
*   Novice teacher
*   Provisional certificate
*   Provisional Teacher Program
*   Provisional teaching year

Resource Tools [PDF]

R1 Orientation to School Procedures
R2 Sample Novice Teacher Self-Assessment Inventory
Sections of the Folder [PDF]
bullet The Responsibilities of Novice Teachers
bullet The New Jersey Provisional Teacher Program
bullet The Stages of Teacher Development
bullet Novice Teacher Training Components
- - District Professional Development Requirements
- - Novice Teacher Orientation
- - Ongoing Professional Learning Opportunities
bullet Understand and Apply the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers
- - Classroom Management
- - Addressing Diversity
- - Lesson Planning
- - Use of Standards-based Formative Assessments
- - Design Professional Goals
bullet The Importance of Reflecting on Teaching Practice
- - Teaching and Learning Portfolio
bullet Interactions between Novice Teacher and Mentor
- - E-Mentoring
  Additional Resources [PDF]
R3 Sample Pre-Mentoring Survey for Novice Teachers
R4 Sample Mentoring Activities Checklist
R5 New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers
R6 New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers Awareness Activity
R7 Sample Mentoring Discussion Topics
R8 Thinking Steps for Lesson Planning
R9 Preparation for Observation
R10 Sample Collaborative Assessment Log
R11 Sample Learning-Focused Growth Plan
R12 Sample Individual Growth Plan
R13 Sample SMART Goal Chart
R14 Sample Reflection Journal (Concern Focus: SELF)
R15 Sample Reflection Journal (Concern Focus: TASK)
R16 Sample Reflection Journal (Concern Focus: IMPACT)
R17 Sample Weekly Novice Teacher Reflection Journal
R18 Sample Model for Portfolio Process
R19 Sample Portfolio Framework
R20 Sample of Mentor-Novice Teacher Interaction

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