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Professional Development in New Jersey
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Mentoring for Quality Induction Toolkit

Folder Six, The School Leader’s Role in Mentoring for Quality Induction, provides information to assist school leaders in selecting qualified mentors, supporting mentor-novice teacher relationships, and supervising novice teachers during their provisional year of teaching. Investing carefully in this work will result in greater success for teachers, quality programs, and increased student learning.
Sections of the Folder [PDF], [Resources PDF]
bullet Responsibilities of School Leaders for the Mentoring Program
- - Understand Mentoring as a Component of an Induction Program
- - Criteria for Selection of Mentors
- - Application and Selection of Mentors
- - Matching Mentors with Novice Teachers
- - Supporting Mentors
- - Supporting Novice Teachers
- - Training Components
bullet Monitoring Program Effectiveness
- - Understand the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers
- - Understand the Provisional Teacher Program Evaluation System
bullet Use Standards-Based Formative Assessments
- - Provide Constructive Feedback
Key Glossary Terms
* Certificate of Eligibility (CE)
*   Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS)
*   Formative evaluation
*   Provisional certificate
*   Provisional Teacher Program
*   Provisional teaching year
*   Summative evaluation

Resource Tools [PDF]

R1 Criteria for Selection of Mentor Teachers
R2 & R3 Sample Mentor Teacher Application and Assignment Forms
R6 Provisional Teacher Program Matrix
  Additional Resources[PDF]
R4 New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers
R5 Sample Five-Step Walk-Through Observation Structure

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