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Professional Development in New Jersey
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Mentoring for Quality Induction Toolkit

Folder Two, District Plan Development and Approval Process, provides the rationale and research base that undergirds the the New Jersey Mentoring for Quality Induction initiative, places mentoring within the context of a comprehensive program of induction, and offers program guidelines. This folder will also provide the regulations governing mentoring for quality induction (N.J.A.C. 6A:9-8.4) and the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers, which outline what all teachers are expected to know and be able to do, and other regulations to which local mentoring plans must be aligned.
Guiding Questions
bullet What are the regulations that govern the development of a local mentoring plan?
bullet What are the component parts of a local mentoring plan?
bullet How do the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers and the NCLB Key Elements of High Quality Professional Development align to ensure effective design and implementation of a local mentoring plan?
bullet How does the LPDC assess current mentoring efforts prior to developing a local mentoring plan?
bullet How does the LPDC develop measurable goals to guide the local mentoring plan?
bullet How does the LPDC ensure rigorous criteria for mentor selection?
bullet How does the LPDC ensure rigorous ongoing learning opportunities for mentors and novice teachers?
bullet How does the LPDC design an action plan that will have the necessary resources and can be implemented once the local mentoring plan has been approved?
bullet How does the LPDC build data-gathering into support ongoing program evaluation efforts?
bullet What are the procedures for the local mentoring plan approval process?
Key Glossary Terms
* County Superintendent
* District Boards of Education
* Local mentoring plan
* Local Professional Development Committee
*   Quality Assurance Annual Report (QAAR)

Resource Tools [PDF]

R1 Graphic District Mentoring Plan Development and Approval Process
R2 to R5 Professional Standards Alignment Activity
R6 Mentoring for Quality Induction Program Checklist
R7 Rubric for Assessment of a District/School Mentoring Plan
R8 District Mentoring Plan Checklist
R9 to R 12 Section 1: District Profile
- District Profile Sheet (R9)
- Sample Table of Contents for District Mentoring Plan (R10)
- LPDC Signoff Sheet (R11)
- District Board of Education Approval and Comment Form (R12)
R13 Section 2: Needs Assessment: Mentoring Plan Self-Assessment Tool for District Mentoring Plan
R14 Section 3: Vision and Goals: SMART Goal Framework
R15 to R19 Section 4: Mentor Selection
- Qualities of Effective Mentors (R15)
- Criteria for Selection of Mentor Teachers (R16)
- Sample Mentor Application Forms (R17 – R19)
R20 to R22 Section 5: Roles and Responsibilities for Mentors
- Sample Mentoring Contract (R20)
- An Ethical Practice Code for Mentoring (R21)
- No-Fault Exit Process (R22)
R23 to R25 Section 6: Professional Learning for Mentors
- Sample Training Agendas (R23 – R24)
- Common Mentoring Activities (R25)
R26 Section 7: Professional Learning for Novices: Sample of Summer Required Courses
R27 to R29 Section 8–10: Action Plan: Sample Templates
R30 Section 11: Program Evaluation: Five Levels of Professional Development Evaluation
R31 Graphic for Timeline of District Mentoring Plan Development and Approval Process
Sections of the Folder [PDF]
bullet State Regulations Governing the District Mentoring Plan
- - To the LPDC: Before You Begin
- - Assess Current Status of District/School Mentoring Efforts
- - Begin with the End in Mind
bullet Write the District Mentoring Plan
- - Section 1: District Profile
- - Section 2: Needs Assessment
- - Section 3: Vision and Goals
- - Section 4: Mentor Selection
- - Section 5: Roles and Responsibilities for Mentors
- - Section 6: Professional Learning Components for Mentors
- - Section 7: Professional Learning Components for Novice Teachers
- - Section 8: Action Plan for Implementation
- - Section 9: Resource Options Used
- - Section 10: Funding Resources
- - Section 11: Program Evaluation
- - District Plan Approval Process
- - District Plan Approval Timeline

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