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Professional Development in New Jersey
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Mentoring for Quality Induction Toolkit

Mentoring for Quality Induction Toolkit

Folder One
Understanding Mentoring for Quality Induction
Folder Two
The District Plan Development & Approval Process
Folder Three
Program Evaluation Process
Folder Four
Components of Mentor Training
Folder Five
Components of Novice Teacher Training

Folder Two, District Plan Development and Approval Process, is key to understanding the role of the local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) to develop a mentoring plan. These folders provide the local professional development committee with numerous resources to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities:

  • Welcome novice teachers and demonstrate support for the induction with mentoring program;
  • Act as “cheerleaders” supporting the induction with mentoring program as good for the students, school, district, and community;
  • Be supportive and maintain open communication about the induction with mentoring program with teachers, parents, and community;
  • Provide a structured and nurturing environment that further develops teacher knowledge and skills;
  • Facilitate all the phases of ongoing program evaluation;
  • Provide school board with program models and resources needed for a rigorous induction with mentoring program; and
  • Develop district mentor plan that aligns with NJ Professional Standards for Teachers.
Additional Helpful Folders:
* Folder Six
* Folder Seven

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