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Race To The Top Phase 3

6/24/13 - Class A Districts must report all expenditures and programming through May 31st  in EWEG. Please find the directions on how to access and complete this report below.

The report is due 6/30.

Activity Plan Status Color Descriptions:

GREEN – Activity is on track, goal is achievable
YELLOW – Activity is slightly off track and/or delayed, but does not put overall goal at risk
RED – Activity is off track and/or severely delayed, goal is in risk of not being achieved

10/9/12 - Monitoring process live in EWEG.

Please see directions below on how to access the monitoring reports:

1) Log in to EWEG
2) Choose the Race to the Top 3 Grant from your homepage
3) Choose the radio button for your most recent application
4) Click the "Payments" button
5) Click the "View Reimbursement Requests/Expenditure Reports"
6) Click the "Create Expense Rep" button. (This will automatically open the Race to the Top Expenditure Report 1)
7) Read the General Report Information Tab
8) Fill out all tabs necessary
9) Submit application (you must run the consistency check before submitting)

*Note: There are instructions on each page either directly below the tabs or in an "Instructions" link.

Reminder: Only Class C districts (those with an allocation of $150,000 or more) must report on the first quarter of the grant period. Class C districts must submit by October 31st.

Please see the reporting schedule for all classes on the general information page of the EWEG monitoring report as well as the website: