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Race To The Top Phase 3


March 2012 Notice of Grant Opportunity:  Information on how RTTT3 funds can be used to support district-level activities.

FAQ:  Answers to common questions about Race to the Top Phase 3, including uses of funds and project areas.

EWEG Assistance:  Instructions for submitting amendments, reimbursement requests, and viewing NJDOE feedback.

Technical Assistance Webinar:  Archive of March 2012 TA session.

NJ Educator Resource Exchange

Project Areas:  Please click below to be redirected to individual project area websites.

Common Core State Standards – Model Curriculum

Instructional Improvement System

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math Education

Excellent Educators for New Jersey

Charter Schools

U.S Department of Education Website:  Information on Phase 1, 2 and 3 states—including FAQs, guidelines, and progress reports.