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Hurricane Sandy has brought unthinkable devastation to parts of our Garden State, destroying homes, businesses and some of New Jersey's most identifiable icons. Our neighbors, friends and communities will need our support in many forms.

To that end, there are several ways affected communities can access resources and how the generosity of those across the state and country will support our ability to rebuild New Jersey and aide those impacted by this disaster:

Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund

Established by the Governor and First Lady, the relief fund will provide a critical mechanism to collect monetary donations to provide assistance to families and businesses who have been affected by the destruction of the storm. Please visit to donate today. is a non-profit that invites teachers, principals and school staff from across the country to request materials they need in their classrooms and schools. From pencils and paper, to microscopes for a biology class, to field trips to art museums, they have delivered $156 million in supplies to schools across the country. has dedicated a special section of their website for schools that were impacted by Hurricane Sandy here: Teachers and schools can submit projects they need funded and any donations will go directly towards fulfilling these.

For teachers and school staff: It takes about 30 minutes to create a request at Get started at, and click "Get Started." Make sure to mention that your classroom was impacted by Hurricane Sandy. If you have a photo of your school or classroom after the storm, please upload it. For full instructions, please visit here.
For principals and superintendents: Here is a template that can be used to inform your teachers and school staff about this resource.


The New Jersey School Boards Association has set up a matching program between districts and organizations that are willing to adopt a district, school or classroom that is recovering from the storm. If your district or school is in need of assistance or if you would like to adopt a school, please contact the NJSBA at 1-888-88NJSBA, Ext. 5209 and they will connect you with a matching school or district. More information can be found on their website at:

The National PTA®

The National PTA® has established a special grant program to assist those schools and PTAs impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The grant program will award a minimum of $500 and up to $5,000 in $500 increments to PTAs in areas affected by the storm to help them repair storm damage to school libraries and playgrounds, purchase new books and supplies, and much more. PTAs are able to apply for more than one grant if they have multiple needs. More information on how to apply for funds and on how to contribute can be found here:

Modest Needs Foundation

Modest Needs Foundation is a registered non-profit that promotes the self-sufficiency of low-income workers by helping them to afford short-term, emergency expenses. Modest Needs Foundation's Hurricane Relief Program offers immediate monetary aid to low-income workers who do not qualify for conventional types of emergency assistance, but who have lost income or incurred unexpected household expenses as a result of this unprecedented natural disaster. Hurricane Relief Grant Program will help low-income workers impacted by the storm to afford one month's rent or mortgage payment as they work to get back 'on their feet,' up to a maximum of $1,500.00 per household. More information on how to apply for funds and on how to contribute can be found here:

There are many other ways to support New Jerseyans during this difficult time. If you would like to work with our schools or communities in a specific manner not addressed above, please contact Barbara Morgan at