Model Lesson/Unit Plan Award Application

The Common Core Model Lesson/Unit Awards recognize exemplary lesson and unit plans that support New Jersey educators in successfully delivering curriculum aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in ELA/Literacy and mathematics. Submissions will be vetted against national quality rubrics and principles. The highest scoring plans will be recognized and rewarded by the state.

Through the Model Lesson/Unit Plan Awards, the New Jersey Department of Education will

  • Increase the supply of high quality, CCSS aligned lessons and units specifically designed by and for NJ teachers;
  • Provide tools to shift current classroom practices to the expectations set forth in the CCSS;
  • Widely distribute exemplars, complete with step-by-step strategies shown to work in NJ classrooms, schools, and districts;
  • Provide an opportunity for all NJ teachers to learn from the experience of their peers and to self-regulate their own capacity before implementing new strategies; and
  • Provide NJ teachers with opportunities for recognition and rewards by the State.

New Jersey Department of Education Announces Common Core Model Lesson/Unit Plan Awards

Final Lesson Plan Application

Final Unit Plan Application