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PARCC and Online Readiness

PARCC Technology Guidance

PARCC has published guidance to inform schools and districts as they make technology purchases to best serve the instructional needs of their students (  This guidance is for new purchases only, and does not yet constitute the full list of technical requirements that will be necessary to administer PARCC online assessments in the 2014-2015 school year.

As stated in the PARCC technology guidelines, “All hardware choices should first consider the instructional needs of schools and students. Some students may need hardware that exceeds these minimum guidelines, and some students may require qualitatively different hardware. Districts should rely on local expert judgments and discussions with appropriate authorities to determine the hardware that is most appropriate to deliver quality instruction, and to support individual students.”

The PARCC technology information will be periodically updated, so it is recommended that a representative from each New Jersey LEA and/or testing site register to receive email notices at the “Stay informed!” signup section at the top right of the Web page.