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Resources for Business Leaders

  • "

    The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, representing the business community in the state, believes that the introduction of the Common Core will improve all students' ability to succeed in the ultra-competitive processes of college admissions and job acquisition. "
    Dana Egreczky, Senior Vice President Workforce Development, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce; President and CEO New Jersey Chamber of Commerce Foundation

    Achieve, Inc.'s business and education site: Provides information for business leaders who want to learn about education, college and career readiness, and the Common Core State Standards.  
  • Business Coalition for Student Achievement's Upgrade America Toolkit: Provides communication resources for business leaders who wish to inform others in their community about the Common Core State Standards.
  • US Chamber of Commerce Foundation's site Business For Core: Presents information on how the Common Core prepares students for college and careers, including comparative state data and a toolkit of resources for business leaders.