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New Jersey Educator Leader Cadre

The New Jersey Educator Leader Cadre (NJELC) believes the teaching and learning dynamic is the most critical element in fostering authentic and life-long academic and social success. This team of teachers, school administrators, higher education representatives, state Department of Education (DOE) staff, and educational partners fosters measurable success by supporting colleagues throughout the state.

The NJELC focuses on teaching strategies that lead students to achieve in college and careers while supporting equal access for all students through facilitating student and educator growth. The team celebrates teaching and learning successes and promotes research-based strategies that result in deeper learning. NJELC members are committed to supporting success through:

  • Offering professional learning opportunities;
  • Promoting standards;
  • Providing assessment information (diagnostic, formative, summative, PARCC); and
  • Communicating with all stakeholders.

The New Jersey Educator Leader Cadre will continue to facilitate and share knowledge across the educational communities.