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Resources for Parents

  • CCSS for Parents and Families: A two-page overview, myths and facts, and resources.
  • The New Jersey Department of Education has created guides that explain the new standards and what they look like in the classroom in grades K-2,  3-5, 6-8, and high school.

  • National PTA Parents' Guide to Student Success: Provides examples of the changes in English Language Arts (ELA) and mathematics instruction at each grade level, as well as provides parents guidance for conversations with their child's teachers.
  • "

    As parents of New Jersey PTA, we advocate to ensure that our students are prepared with skills to engage in a complex work environment. The Common Core is relevant to the real world and focuses on problem solving and critical thinking skills so that that our students can and will succeed in the workplace."
    Cathy Lindenbaum, NJPTA Vice President of Advocacy

    Council of the Great City Schools' Three-Minute Video: Provides a clear and concise introduction to the Common Core and what the standards mean for student learning and achievement.
  • Council for the Great City Schools' Grade by Grade Roadmaps: English Language Arts and Literacy and Mathematics. These reference guides help parents navigate the changes in learning and what students will be expected to know at each grade level.  The Road Maps are also available in Spanish: Artes del Lenguaje en Inglés and Matemáticas).
  • New Jersey School Boards Association's Education Matters: Ray Pinney from the NJSBA interviews Chief Academic Officer Dr. Tracey Severns in a three part video discussion that provides an overview of the Common Core State Standards and addresses commonly asked questions.
  • For additional information on the Common Core State Standards, what your child will be learning, and how you can support your child's learning at home, please visit the New Jersey Educator Resource Exchange.