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For Kids

Cybersmart Kids Online
Smart net surfing for kids and their grownups.

FBI Internet Safety Tips
Tips for students on home and school computers from the FBI.

Get Your Web License
Take a web safety license test from PBS.

Internet Safety Game
For parents and kids from KidsComJr.

Internet safety games for kids.

Power to Learn
Provides unique learning opportunities and multimedia educational content to teachers, students and parents and fosters the home-school connection.

Ready Kids
Help your family to be prepared for every situation.

A family guide to making the Internet and technology fun, safe and productive.

Safe Surfing with Doug
Internet safety games for kids.

Surf Swell Island Adventures in Internet Safety
Families can learn online safety lessons together.

Wired Kids
A Program of WiredSafety: The World's Largest Internet Safety, Help and Education Organization.

Wired Kids
Do you know what Cyberbullying is?  Take this quiz.