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M.O.S.S. Criteria

To create the M.O.S.S. District list, our office used several sources to identify relevant districts that could inform the state of school security in NJ, offer learning opportunities and contribute to state-wide promising practices, and take advantage of additional guidance to reach a standard level of school preparedness. Across all 3 tiers, the districts represent a cross-section of the following criteria

  • Formerly Abbott District
  • Urban 15 (Identified in the State of New Jersey Uniform Crime Report, the "Urban 15" is in reference to the Crime Index of NJ. The criteria used in the selection of these cities were (1) classified as urban character and (2) have a population greater than 50,000 and less than 80,000.  For more information you can review the entire report at )
  • Charter Schools (Up for renewal; First 2 years of charter)
  • Uniform Crime Report
  • Identified External Hazards
  • Pro-Active/Progressive School District
  • Regional Achievement Centers (RAC) assigned schools/districts
  • High Incidence of Reporting
  • Currently providing ongoing TA
  • Special Needs population