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Special Education

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    Information to assist in the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
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    phone: (609)292-0147
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    Implementation of IDEA

    IDEA Entitlement Grant Information

    Technical Assistance

    The due date for the FY 2014 IDEA application is August 30, 2013.

    FY 2014 IDEA Application is available through the New Jersey System for Administering Grants Electronically (NJSAGE)

    Web administrators MUST establish the users in the SAGE system prior to accessing the application. Instructions on how to complete this process may be found at  Any user who was established in the 2013 year does not need to be reestablished.

    Please follow the technical instructions, below,  PRIOR to accessing the archived webinar and any "Open Office Session".

    ArrowPLEASE follow the Technical Instructions below prior to the webinar date as NO
    TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE will be available during the webinar.


    Webinar participants should check their computer and headset ahead of the webinar by using the website that follows. This site will automatically check to see if you have the up-to-date Java application (necessary) on the machine you will be using. Check this in advance of the first webinar session (you may need your local IT staff to download the free application) as this type of technical assistance cannot be provided during webinars. The system requires Java 6 (Internet Explorer's security settings may block this file from downloading and running on your computer.) You will also need to check your audio at this site using the audio set-up wizard (see step 2 below).

    Step 1: Tells you if you have or need the small Java application (also allows you to download it if you need it.)

    On some computers, you need to click to allow the download. Click on the top bar to download file (this will take a few minutes).

    Blackboar Header


    Click 'download file' when prompted and 'run'.
    Step 2: Click on configuration room link to check your audio
    Step 3: is training resources
    Step 4: is a support portal in case your IT staff has questions

    Archived Training Session
    The session is 2 hours in length.
    NJSAGE – IDEA Training Webinar (Conducted 10/2/12) (1:50:38 hour)

    The "Open Office Technical Assistance Session" is no longer available, if you need assistance you may try the archived webinar above or contact Patricia Holcomb-Gray at 609-984-4953.  Thank you.