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Special Education

Learning Opportunities

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Academic Resources for Educators and Families

Talk to Me
Lists free downloads and downloads of trial versions of talking software programs.

The Family Center on Technology and Disabilities
Offers a resource library, newsletter, links to other resources, professional training, and reviews of disability resources in print or online. - Multi-language site with separate sections for parents and teachers.  Information about using technology in the home and classroom, including how to use it, include it in the daily routine, ensure accessibility for all children. 

Ability Hub
General site with information and resources for a range of AT.

Access Ingenuity
Information is provided on products for all types of disabilities, with descriptions, uses, prices, and ordering information.  Free resource guides and demo CDs of various devices can be ordered through this website. – Learning Disabilities virtual community.

Families and Advocates Partnership for Education
Information on IDEA – Site provides information on how to create a website for teachers to communicate with students, parents, and other teachers.

Autism Web Links (Selected)
Selected Links on Autism Spectrum including articles and sites with practical strategies. (Compiled by Linda J. Burkhart)

DRM Guide to Disability Resources on the Internet
An extensive list of online information related to disabilities, including a regional resource directory that may be searched by state. Disability Resources, inc. is a nonprofit organization established to promote and improve awareness, availability and accessibility of information for independent living. - This is an excellent site that contains extensive resources and links for the learning disabilities community and the use of technology.

The National Center to Improve Practice (NCIP)
A wonderful site with online workshops and a guided tour of an early childhood classroom set up with assistive technology - complete with video clips. The site also includes facilitated discussion forums on students with disabilities, a collection of resources about technology and special education and an extensive list of links to other sites on the Internet. - This is an archive from the listserv called Our-Kids. Our-Kids is a support group for parents and others who are working with children with physical and/or mental disabilities and delays. – Math graphic organizers, all-subject organizers, Venn diagrams and webs, and Language Arts graphic organizers. Graphic Organizers - This site provides up-to-date information about effective advocacy for children with disabilities.