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Special Education

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    Overview of the Office of Special Education Programs.
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    Links to special education data as well as general NJ Department of Education data.
  • Program Improvement
    Resources to assist in the improvement of special education programs.
  • Implementation of IDEA
    Information to assist in the implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
  • Parents & Families
    Information to help parents and students with NJ special education programs.
  • NJ Tiered System of Supports
    NJTSS is a framework of supports and interventions to improve student achievement.
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  • Office of Special Education Programs
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    Program Improvement

    Educational Links, Information and Resources on Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning » Home

    Augmentative Communication Resources

    American Speech & Hearing Association - This site is full of great tips and strategies for using Augmentative Communication with children.  Make sure to check out the Tips, Tricks, and Cheat Sheets as well as the Tip of the Month.  Software setups and other products from Caroline Musselwhite and Julie Maro are available from this site. Explanation of Color Coding for picture communication symbols is at

    Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Communication Enhancement

    Augmentative Communication News and Alternatively Speaking
    Each issue focuses on one augmentative communication topic with current best practices, research and equipment. Some excellent past articles are archived online at this site.

    Barkley Augmentative and Alternative Communication: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Site with information related to Augmentative and Alternative Communication. The site includes AAC Device programming tutorials, definitions of AAC terms, frequently used vocabulary lists for different age groups and other resources and other information related to augmentative communication.

    Finding Pictures On-Line
    A collection of web sites for finding pictures for communication displays and educational materials. Please note the copyright web links.

    YAACK: Augmentative Communication Resource Guide for Young Kids
    This page is a comprehensive guide to using AAC, with a clear organization and easy to read discussion.  It was created by Ruth Ballinger as a Master’s degree project at the University of Hawaii.  She draws her information from a variety of experts in the field.