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Special Education

Learning Opportunities

Materials for October 5 and 7, 2010 Teleconferences regarding Transition Targeted Review

The Power Point provides an overview of the federal requirements for Transition from School to Adult Life under the State Performance Plan (SPP), Indicator # 13.  Indicator # 13 of the SPP,  requires the state to report the percent of youth with IEPs aged 16 and above with an IEP that includes appropriate measurable postsecondary goals that are annually updated and based upon an age appropriate transition assessment, transition services, including courses of study, that will reasonably enable the student to meet those postsecondary goals, and annual IEP goals related to the student’s transition services needs. In addition, the Power Point details the responsibilities of local school districts that were selected for participation in the transition targeted review during the 2010-2011 school year.

October 5 and 7, 2010 Teleconference PowerPoint

  1. Data Collection Form Section I: Transition to Adult Life
  2. State Model IEP form
  3. Writing Measurable Postsecondary Goals
  4. CEC & NSTTAC “Age Appropriate Transition Assessment”
  5. Overview of Vocational Assessment
  6. A Sample of Free Online Career Interest Inventories/Surveys
  7. All About Me - Interest Survey
  8. Sample Strategies/Activities for Statements of Transition Services (Microsoft Word)