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New Jersey Adult Education


Beware of Misleading Diploma Claims

Persons seeking to meet New Jersey high school diploma requirements should beware of companies that claim to offer the General Educational Development (GED), ETS Hi-Set, or CTB-McGraw Hill TASC assessments over the internet or through correspondence courses.  None of the state-authorized test vendors recognize on-line correspondence testing programs and neither does the New Jersey Department of Education.

According to the New Jersey Department of Education's Office of Certification and Induction, High School Equivalency exams are not offered online and there are no plans to introduce online testing in the future due to obvious test security issues. The creators of the national GED exams have stated quite clearly that there are no approved on-line GED testing programs in use anywhere. The new test vendors, ETS and McGraw Hill, have also stated that their tests will not be offered online.

The State recommends that persons who have left traditional high schools before earning their high school diplomas contact a State-authorized testing center and register to take an approved test and obtain their state-issued high school diploma. Please note that these exams can be taken multiple times if necessary.

For information about New Jersey's High School Equivalency program and to contact a State approved testing center, click on the link below:

New Jersey Department of Education, Adult Education – High School Equivalency Office, PO Box 500, Trenton, NJ 08625-0500
Phone: 609-777-1050, Fax: 609 292-3768, E-mail: