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New Jersey Adult Education

GED Policy Reminders

New Jersey GED® Test Duplicate Diploma Policy

Please be advised that the New Jersey Department of Education has a long standing policy of not issuing duplicate diplomas.  An individual is entitled to one original diploma, but once lost, or destroyed another duplicate diploma will not be issued. The department however does make available for the purpose of GED verification an official transcript which contains validating information including test scores, date of testing, test center name, etc.

Validation of the GED transcript can be accomplished by visiting: and entering the Verification Code found in the upper right hand corner of the transcript in the appropriate space. This process validates the record of the presenter. This process eliminates the need for a raised seal and enables individuals to access their own GED records as needed.

The transcript described above has been accepted by over 95% of employers, the military and educational institutions as valid proof of GED completion.  Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact the GED unit at 609-777-1050 or email

New Jersey Department of Education, Adult Education – High School Equivalency Office, PO Box 500, Trenton, NJ 08625-0500
Phone: 609-777-1050, Fax: 609 292-3768, E-mail: