Treasury Vendors Frequently Asked Questions

In order to better assist vendors interested in offering emergency goods and/or services, the Christie Administration has provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions that provide guidance with regards to the bidding process.

Where can I find current bidding opportunities?

The Treasury Department’s Division of Purchase and Property lists these.
The State also issues requests for quotations on particular schedules approved by the federal government’s General Services Administration (GSA).

To access these, visit GSA’s web site to get information on becoming a member


I want to participate in an opportunity on GSA’s site. How do I become a qualified vendor?I want to participate in an opportunity on GSA’s site. How do I become a qualified vendor?

Here you can find information on this and you might find their FAQs also helpful

Aside from visiting your site daily, how might I also stay informed?

You can sign up to receive email notifications here .

Please note this is only for bidding opportunities at the Purchase and Property’s website.

My business is from out-of-state and we generally don’t do business here. Must we do anything before participating in a bid?

Yes, you must register your business with the State of New Jersey. Any bidder, inclusive of any named subcontractor(s), that does not possess a valid Business Registration Certificate prior to the award of a contract, will be deemed ineligible for the contract award.

  • To start a new business in New Jersey, a checklist is available here
  • If you are an existing company and need a New Jersey Business Registration Certificate you can file one online or through the mail. Information is available here.
  • Companies already registered in New Jersey can obtain their Business Registration Certificate Online.


Is there a license requirement?

Perhaps, if your business is in a regulated industry like construction.

What else do I need to agree to before doing business with the State?

The State includes standard Terms and Conditions in all of its contracts. Some language might change based on the type of agreement.

Would your organization pre-review my bid before I submit it?

No, we wouldn’t do that because it would provide your business with an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Ok, I’ve submitted my bid. Now what?

All responses are evaluated based on responsiveness, price and other factors. An evaluation committee will review the bids, prepare the selection criteria document and make a recommendation to the Director of Purchase and Property. The Director will forward notice of the intent to award the contract to the successful bidder(s). The Director will also notify participants if their bid was deemed nonresponsive and thus disqualified, or if they were not selected. This process can take days or weeks depending on the complexity of the contracts.

Could multiple vendors be awarded a contract?

If more than one government entity is looking for a service, the State can decide to create a pool of qualified vendors. The vendors will compete for jobs based on issued task orders from the interested government entities.