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Exhibit Provides Look at Two Influential Leaders of Their Era
photoAlt Trenton, NJ – First Lady Mary Pat Christie unveiled a new display at Drumthwacket entitled Lincoln & Olden: The President and the Governor. The exhibit focuses on two renowned statesmen, Governor Charles Olden, who built Drumthwacket in 1835, and President Lincoln. Both of these individuals were elected into office at one of the most trying times in our nation’s history, right before the Civil War. Visitors will see how the exhibit brings the lives of these two distinguished leaders to life through historic letters, photographs and artifacts.

“During my seven years as First Lady, I have had the pleasure to present a diverse array of exhibits at Drumthwacket,” said First Lady Mary Pat Christie. “The donated artifacts that are on display provide a glimpse into New Jersey’s storied history and that of our nation. I’m pleased the Drumthwacket Foundation has curated this incredible exhibit – one that evokes pride in both our state and our country.”

Some items on display include a letter written by Governor Olden to President Lincoln outlining his support and faith in Lincoln’s abilities to lead the country. The letter also informs the President that Governor Olden will send troops to defend the North in the Civil War. Viewers can also see Governor Olden’s signed Oath of Office, a letter written by Governor Olden to President Lincoln inviting him to visit New Jersey, and the veil worn by Mary Todd Lincoln to Ford’s Theatre the evening of Lincoln’s assassination.

Part of the Drumthwacket Foundation’s fine arts initiative is to highlight exhibits meaningful to the Garden State’s past and present. The exhibit will run through May 31, 2017. To view the Lincoln & Olden exhibit, visit to make your tour arrangements. While reservations are required, admission and parking on site are free of charge.

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