Governor Chris Christie Takes Action on Legislation

Trenton, NJ – On Thursday, September 9, 2010, Governor Chris Christie signed into law:
  • A-355/S-1073 (Jasey, Voss, Moriarty/Turner, T. Kean) - Establishes a permanent Interdistrict Public School Choice Program
  • A-1600/S-1839 (Scalera, Wisniewski/Beach, Norcross) – Allows certain entities to submit emergency plans electronically
  • A-1654/S-573 (Greenwald, Tucker, Spencer/Beach, Sweeney) - Requires DCF to provide information on home visitation resources and shaken baby syndrome to parents of newborn infants
  • A-1839/S-814 (Coughlin, Stender/Vitale) – Permits candidate in any election to sign own nominating petition and be circulator thereof
  • A-2137/S-1333 (Conners, Conaway, Diegnan/Vitale, Ruiz) – Provides for educational stability of children placed in resource family home s a d that school district of residence for the child shall be present district of residence of parent or guardian
  • A-2217/S-1004 (McKeon, Chiusano, McHose, Peterson/Oroho, Doherty) – Extends expiration date of special appraisal process for Green Acres and farmland preservation programs from 2009 to 2014 for lands in Highlands Region
  • A-2300/S-1762 (Wagner, Rumana, Chivukula/Gordon) – Clarifies school district eligibility to receive State funding for special education evaluation services for children enrolled in New Jersey nonpublic school and living out-of-State
  • A-2304/S-1140 (Milam, Albano, Riley/Van Drew) – Revises statute concerning licenses to take menhaden
  • A-2794/S-1974 (Prieto, Quigley, Riley, Coughlin/Van
On Friday, September 10, 2010, Governor Christie signed into law:
  • A-226/S-665 (Quigley, Vainieri Huttle, Greenstein/Buono, Vitale) – Directs Medicaid to establish medical home demonstration project
  • A-559/S-1212 (Cryan, Chivukula, Greenstein, Ramos, Rumana/Weinberg) - Decreases certain public document copy fees; amount of fee dependent upon whether letter size page or legal size page
  • A-914/S-562 (Chivukula, Oliver, Greenstein/Cunningham, Beach) – Directs Chief Technology Officer in the Office of Information Technology to study and report potential benefits of expanding the use of electronic transaction, including the use of electronic signature and electronic record by the State
  • A-1168/S-1612 (Rible, Cryan/Van Drew, S. Kean) – Permits bars and restaurants to serve alcohol at bingo games on premises
  • A-1589/S-1746 (Scalera, Evans, Ramos/Girgenti) – Requires sports and entertainment facilities to submit emergency operations plan to municipal emergency management coordinator
  • AJR-36/SJR-33 (Riley, Conaway/S. Kean) - w/STATEMENT – Designates August of each year as “Immunization Awareness Month”
On Monday, September 13, 2010, Governor Christie vetoed:
  • A-584/S-1741 (Cryan, Diegnan/Lesniak) – ABSOLUTE – Concerns newspaper publication of notice of certain real estate sales
  • A-973/S-1564 (Johnson, Coutinho, Watson Coleman, Evans/Turner, Girgenti) - ABSOLUTE – Creates Juvenile Transfer Task Force
  • A-2768/S-2074 (Cryan, Chivukula/Vitale, Beck) – CONDITIONAL – Establishes deadlines for filing financial disclosure statements with State Ethics Commission
  • A-2850/S-1929 (Wisniewski/Vitale) - ABSOLUTE – Authorizes State Treasurer to sell as surplus certain land and improvements thereon now part of East Jersey Prison to Woodbridge Township in Middlesex County
  • A-2866/S-2069 (Diegnan, Ramos, Peterson, DiMaio, Vainieri Huttle/Codey, Doherty) - CONDITIONAL – Establishes State Mental Health Facilities Evaluation Task Force
  • A-2911/S-2070 (Quigley, Prieto/Sacco, Beach) - CONDITIONAL – Requires transfer of municipal free library surplus amounts above 20% to municipality for its general purposes, which may include property tax relief
Press Contact:
Michael Drewniak
Kevin Roberts

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